Government of New Brunswick


Child care residential centres offer group care services to youth (0-18 years of age) under the care of the Minister who are unable to remain in a foster home or biological home due to their physical or behavioural challenges.

Child care residential centres are developed for children in the care of the Minister and youths in Open Custody under Public Safety


A child care residential centre service provider must be approved by the Minister in order to legally operate in the Province of New Brunswick. Eligibility to operate is assessed on the service provider’s status as a not-for-profit agency, the centre meeting the health and fire safety standards through an inspection by authorized agents, all employees/volunteers completing criminal record checks and a record check with the department without contraventions and compliance to the Child Care Residential Centre Service Standards (2007) which includes submitting an operational budget as well as all policies and manuals of operation/programming/staffing. The service provider’s program philosophy must comply with the department’s philosophy for child welfare.

Under the Family Service Act the Minister determines the need for community placement resources such as child care residential centres.


Child care residential centres are privately operated “home-like” environments for up to six children/youths in care of the Minister.

The child care residential centres deal with children/youths who have behavioural/ emotional difficulties, physical and mental disabilities who are under the care of the Minister, and youth in Open Custody.

Child care residential centres are monitored to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Family Services Act and the Child Care Residential Centre Service Standards.